Monday, February 12, 2018


Omg! It is getting out of control on the issue of marijuana because over the years; it has been debated about its significant medical benefits for health issues while some argue that its destructive to health to the point that while some states supported it legally, some countries banned it entirely. I have personally researched on marijuana for several months, and I have come to agree that its good for some health issues as there are so many pieces of evidence supporting the statement but that's not the point and I am not going to go deep on this matter.

What caught me off my guard was that some people said smoking marijuana heals deafness, let me copy out one of the statements I came across on the website

"Marijuana as a medical benefit for the deaf and hard of hearing. I am diagnosed with severe hearing loss since birth and wear hearing aids to enable me to hear the sounds of life. Of course the hearing aids create an artifical hearing for me, so it is an "electronic" artifical sound that is it providing me. But I discovered the Marijuana powers of hearing when I blazed up before going to the nightclub. I took 2 hits, and was suddenly able to understand voices, sounds, and music at an UNBELIEVABLE clarity that I have never heard before. Everything sounded crystal clear, and most amazingly, I was able to UNDERSTAND what everybody was telling me in an environment bombarded by loud music and people. It was incredible, and normally I would NEVER be able to understand what anybody would try to tell me...I would always be saying "WHAT? WHAT? WHAT?". Can anybody here tell me just how Marijuana enables crystal clear clarity to be attained? I know it does not IMPROVE your hearing, only changes your perception of hearing so to speak. Anyways, is there a legitimate medicinal ground for smoking Marijuana exclusively for the medical purpose of helping deaf and hearing impaired people hear and understand voices better, that they could not understand when sober? I am not sure if I am unconsciously trying to rationalize my growing Marijuana habits on the grounds of "Medicinal justifcations" so to speak.

Oh well, it is summer, it helps me hear, and summer is all about social events, so I am going to blaze up!"

I would have confirmed myself with the marijuana, but I am not a smoker, so please to all Deaf Marijuana smokers, can you prove it? Do you think it heals the deafness?

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