Monday, February 12, 2018


Not long ago, I blogged about a surgical procedure called cochlear implant. A cochlear implant, like I described, involves insertion of a robust electronic device into the ears that give a Deaf person a sense of hearing. Some Deaf people thought that this surgical procedure was wrong and potentially fatal for the Deaf people while some thought it was a great deal for the Deaf people.

I recalled I used to tell my friends that there is an issue rising in the Deaf community that using Cochlear implants make the Deaf persons lose their sense of identity and it separates them from the Deaf community and yet not part of the Hearing community because they can’t hear 100% with a cochlear implant. They are in the middle of the two worlds and I also predicted that there will be a world of Cochlear Implant users because the number of using cochlear implant is increasing alarmingly daily. As we are speaking now, we have an International Federation of Hard of Hearing People (IFHOHP), and we also have World Federation of the Deaf (WDF), and I believe there will be a world of Cochlear implant users soon.

I blogged earlier that if you are Deaf, you will be Deaf forever, Deafness isn’t something that needs a cure. Some Deaf people believe that an attempt to fix Deafness is an insult and effrontery to the Deaf culture, some see it as a threat, etc. In the Deaf community, we want you to recognize the culture and embrace the sign language as the universal language for the Deaf.

A question: Do you think that using cochlear implant separates one from the Deaf community? Your opinions, please.

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