Thursday, April 20, 2017


It is not new that I tolerate such questions daily, in fact it has become normal for me. From time to time, people always ask me “what kinda jobs do deaf and hard of hearing people do”. I don’t really know what they see us like and then pop to ask such question, I don’t know if its difficult for them to see that Deaf people are employable and beneficial to any job just as hearing people or is it difficult for them to see that we are just like hearing people, I mean we are
also human beings only that we have problem with hearing (without the sound). There is no record that being Deaf affects intelligence or physical structure but I will save that discussion for my next blog. Lets focus on the title…. WHAT CAN DEAF PEOPLE DO???

We all know this popular quote which says “deaf people can do anything hearing people can, except hear.”  We have Deaf people in almost all occupations in the world, sometimes ago I blogged that we have a Deaf who is Governor of Nassarawa in Nigeria. We have Deaf people who are doctors, nurses, lawyers, athletes, entertainers, pilots, bloggers, actors, actress, governors, architects, administrators, entrepreneurs, journalists, teachers, scientists, etc. The only job skill that Deaf people would not be able to do is answering calls for customers. 

Here are the few sites specifically created for deaf and hard of hearing workers:

Association of Medical Professionals With Hearing Loss -

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Bar Association -

Deaf Pilots Association -

National Theatre of the Deaf -

USA Deaf Sports Federation -

If you are a deaf or hard of hearing person, take a moment to comment and tell us the world your occupation or job and why you do it OR tell us what you like to do.

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