Wednesday, March 29, 2017


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Hmmm, the questions, they have been asking me since I was young,  I think I have to write it down and blog it then share it around so that the same questions can be minimized because to some people, such questions are stupid and unbelievable, it can even shock some people with simple stupid questions:

•    How do deaf people drive?

Hahahaha! One doesn’t use hearing to drive, its eyes lol. To save time, go on and read one of my blogs: IN RESPONSE TO THE NEGATIVE COMMENTS ABOUT DEAF DRIVERS 

•    How do deaf people talk on the phone?

Most times, we use phone to text, ping etc but actually we also use video phones, TTYs etc. We do have a lot of assistive technology today.

•    How do deaf people have sex?

It is one of the funniest questions, so are you saying that Deaf people don’t have private parts? Please they also have sex like normal hearing people do or you can try them out lol.

•    How do deaf people talk/communicate?

This world is full of different people as Deaf people is one of the large population, we have some of us who use sign language, some use lip-reading and some speak, some of us use interpreters to communicate, some of us use paper and pen, etc. 

•    How do deaf people read?

Hmmmmmmm! To cut the story short , we have Deaf editors, Deaf writers and Deaf bloggers. We have Deaf graduates, we read to pass, not by hearing. We read with our eyes and brains, some with Braille, etc  But  in general, we have Deaf English scholars, we have Deaf people who can read everything, and we have illiterate Deaf people too just like I met a lot of hearing people  who are scholars and illiterate too.

•    How do deaf people laugh?

If we do have Deaf comedians then we do have Deaf laughter.  Its when we read or see something funny, we laugh, we should use our common sense to understand before now. Everyone laughs please.. Babies laugh, wicked ones laugh, animals laugh and even God also laughs  so please no need to ask such questions.

•    How do deaf people hear music?

Don’t forget we have different level of hearing loss, and remember we have hearing aids. We do hear beat of the music, it depends on the level of residual or amplified hearing a Deaf person has. And It depends on their hobbies.

•    How do deaf people clap?

I think it’s a good question because we have our own way of clapping. First, we Deaf people do clap the way hearing people do at some occasions, secondly, we do have our own way of clapping that’s called DEAF APPLAUSE, its consists of lifting your hands up and shaking them, the reason is because of visual. It’s customary for people (regardless of hearing status) to clap for a hearing person’s performance and use Deaf applause for a deaf person’s performance.

•    How do deaf people write?

Haba!!!!!! You are reading this blog who was written by a Deaf Blogger. So no answer for that.

Please do comment, if you have any more funny questions that hearing people always ask lol!


  1. Let me be the first to comment. How do Deaf people play football? They don't need referee bcs they can't hear. One question someone asked me this morning and guess my response ?

  2. Out of all I love with the way hearing people asking how Deaf people can have sex. As a responser , I will love to tell the questioner to give one of his partner to deaf man for a month and get the result in next 3 month.

  3. How do married deaf man cope with his family like responsible?
    Do deaf give birth to normal or deaf child/children?