Thursday, March 9, 2017


When i came across that question: Can deaf comedy be funny for everyone? it was from BBC News. I was surprised because that question was so silly. If someone tells me that we have a kid who is a comedian, not just a kid but a Deaf kid, it will be hard for me to believe until that particular comedy caught my attention
undividedly and i laugh like never before. OMG!! Come on, he is a Deaf Kid with a great sense of humor, gifted and talented, he is very rich with comedy and all of his comedy videos make me happy. I have to watch that comedy video repeatedly.
Who is he? His name is Danny, he is a British professional actor and TV presenter on British children's series and he is also a standup comedian, he is speaking British Sign Language. Very impressive and he brings pride to the Deaf community in general. If you want to ease your stresses or anything, lets go on and like his profile for more comedy videos, here it is.. 

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