Saturday, May 27, 2017


When I checked for the meaning of “Disabled” in the dictionary, it is defined as 1. Physically or mentally impaired, injured or incapacitated, 2. Physically or mentally impaired persons. Please who are they referring to? People in wheelchairs? Blind people? Or Deaf people? It sounds abnormal and irritating after checking for the meaning of “disabled”

I recall when I was a student in the University of Ibadan, in one of my classes, my lecturer named John lectured that the world keeps changing words for better. For instance, someone with a low IQ was diagnosed with Idiot, moron, etc in the past, it was later they changed it to mentally retarded and as time goes on, its now called intellectual disability, the world is trying to change the word that’s suitable and acceptable for all. Now it is so strange when we keep using the word “disability or disabled” referring to us the Deaf for many years to come, I have seen so many people trying to change the word for better so today I have to come out to disclaim the word “Disability or Disabled”, the best word to use is “differently abled”..

If you agree with me, please comment.. We all are differently abled!

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