Wednesday, February 8, 2017


I recalled when i was somewhere in Abuja, i read the speech from General Muhammadu Buhari in London who is now the President of Nigeria on 21st of February, 2015. I can say that it was one of the best speeches i have ever come across. In his speech, he stated that "one of the major killer of our economy apart from corruption is WASTE" He further stated that there are more than 6 aircraft in the presidential fleet, billions of naira is budgeted every year for the maintenance of these aircraft not to talk of operational cost and other expenses. The most interesting in his speech was that when he comes into office all these waste will be
blocked and properly channeled into our economy, he also gave instance, to bring back our National carrier, the Nigerian Airways and he also said he will bring all aircraft in the presidential fleet into the Nigerian airway and within a year increase the fleet into about 20.

My favorite statement in his speech was: "what is the difference between me and those who elected us to represent them, absolutely nothing. Why should Nigerian President not fly with other Nigerian citizens? Why do i need to embark on a foreign trip as a president with a huge crowd with public funds? Why do i need to go for foreign medical trip if we cannot make our hospital functional? Why do we need to send our children to school abroad if we cannot develop our university to compete with the foreign ones? Why? and why must our people be servants to the foreigners in the midst of plenty?"

I can witness a democratic election in the largest nation in Africa, where a semi-capable government was replaced by the president Buahri, who got support from the entire population in Nigeria. But hmmmm!!! our Mr President is doing the opposite of everything he said. One of the most annoying was that soon after winning President Buahri travelled to UK for 10days to treat his ear infection when we have over 250 ear, nose, throat (ENT) specialists and professors in Nigeria, as well as a National Ear Centre located in Kaduna state. That was not all, he spent 20million on ear treatment according to the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, Mallam Garba Shehu as all NEWS reported but what happened to his speech. (news) #WASTED

The situation of airways is so bad that most airlines have been shut down due to recession, President Buhari who took more than 6months to appoint old faces to be ministers, today, the minster of transportation, Rotimi Amaechi summoned shut down of Abuja airport and the senates opposed, i am not pleased with the drama going on. What happened to President Buhari's promises of increasing the fleet into about 20? #WASTED

Today president Buhari is one of the best travelers and he travels out every month unfailingly and the presidency was even comfortable to vehemently refute the reports in several quarters that a huge sum of 6 billion has been lavished on the maintenance of Presidential Air Fleet (PAT) in the last 6months, that it was only 2.3b that has been spent on PAT (news). Whats wrong with him flying with other Nigerian citizens as said in his speech. #WASTED

Till date, we are confused of Buhari's current health status, he is being treated and spends our money but refused to tell us the truth, he keeps extending his vacation in UK but what happened to his speech? #WASTED and one of most embarrassing was that after president keep extending his return, Chairman Senate Committee on police Affairs, Senator Abu Ibrahim said President Buhari is not sick, only exhausted by problems affecting Nigerians (news)... REALLY?!!! I am still recovering from the shock anyway. 

From Cheeta to President Buhari

Dear Mr President, 

I want to use this medium to express myself, i am one of your biggest fan,i read about you and love everything about you because of your strong personality. But when you came out to contest as the president, i didnt support you because i see you as elder to us the Nigerians and i would prefer you to sit back, mentor us and advise us on what to do to take Nigeria to the next level but you came, you saw and you conquered so i am using this medium to congratulate you.

Sir, We nigerians are so frustrated with your administration because soon after you won as president, our country Nigeria went into recession to the point of Nigerians committing suicide due to the bad economy as evidence in the news. Nigeria was one of the happiest countries, we were known to be suffering and smiling but not any more. Everything is so hard and the price in the market went up unexpectedly while our salary remains the same and i am even ashamed to say that a month salary in naira as FG workers is equal to $100.

Mr President, we know you are a human being like us, any body can be sick and even die, our life is in God's hands so its very ok for you to be sick sometimes but we are upset when we are not told of your current health status, we are very upset and we are very worried. We cant stand like this anymore. You are our president, please treat us like you are our father and we are your children.

Because of everything, you see 2baba decided to set the protest which Charlie boy later took over but we know protest wont help or solve Nigeria problems thats why i didnt participate in the protest so we have decided to go to our various place of worship to pray for you. God will give you all the wisdoms to take Nigeria to the next level.

Finally, Mr president, please in the next election in 2019, please dont contest, we are begging you sir, Just go home and rest and be our mentor and adviser. Bring out a competent leader from a fresh young nigerian to be the president and support them, guide them so that they can work tirelessly for Nigeria. God will heal you. May the joy of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you and us all. AMEN

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