Sunday, September 25, 2016

With Sign Language, I am EQUAL: Deaf VS News

Hmmmm i was surfing the internet and i came across a link that said Deaf and Dumb speaks on the tough Economic situation in Nigeria and i was excited (because its rare for a deaf to speak about the economy in the news).

First i would like to commend the news presenter for granting a Deaf person to speak on the economic situation on the news and in reality the present Economy is biting everyone in Nigeria including persons with disabilities but somehow i was disappointed when i opened the link and watched the video (youtube), the Deaf person was videoed by the news presenter and there were no interpreters, the deaf person was trying very hard to express himself on the news and i say that was very unfair and unprofessional. I think they should see how Inclusive News Network works, it was founded by Mr Ekundayo Sejoro.

Because to the Deaf Community, with sign language, they are equal and that is the theme for the international week of the deaf which was established by the World Federation of the Deaf. I guess we need to educate the society about the sign language issue.

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