Sunday, September 25, 2016

Ms Jane Ottah finally got JUSTICE

By now, some of readers must be waiting to know the latest news about Ms Jane and the Rivers State University of Science and Technology (RSUST)... Well, the good news is that Ms Jane Ottah finally got JUSTICE, the RSUST didn’t have any choice than to bow to the point of begging them to settle in an out of court agreement.

The RSUST offered to get Miss Jane back to school along with other benefits such as provision of necessary support facilities to aid her learning process.. We, the Deaf community is excited to know that she is happy, this is her exact statement after she won the case: "I won the case, i am going back to school"

All universities in Nigeria will learn from it and dare not expel any deaf student from any department again in this century. Thank you to everyone of you and us as a team and family, who have contributed with opinions, money and also prayers.

She is going back to school next month. A big THANK YOU to everyone that joined our struggle in one way or the other.

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