Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The right word to use: "PERSONS WITH DISABILTIES"

When one uses the word "physically challenged", it usually excludes Deaf, Blind and others from this category. Physically challenged are referring to those who are on wheelchairs but nowadays, they are always using the word "physically challenged" and thinking it is referring to people with all kinds of disabilities which is very wrong.

A physical disability is one that affects a person's mobility. A person with a physical disability may need to use some sort of equipment for assistance with mobility. It also includes people who have lost their limbs or who, because of the shape of their body is also known as physically challenged.

It is becoming very disturbing when medias, politicians, professors and many more are using the word 'physically challenged' to address people with all disabilities, this is why i have decided to write something like this and i hope those people would take a note of this from now on. One should take note that not everyone will agree on everything but there is a general agreement on the use of words or languages. The word ‘disabled’ is a description not a group of people or the word 'physically challenged' is a specific people whose on wheelchairs, not a group of people with all disabilities. Use ‘persons with disabilities’ not ‘the disabled’ or 'physically challenged' as the collective term.

Persons with disabilities are those person with a learning disability, person with cerebral palsy, person
with a mental health condition, person with hearing impairment, person with visual impairment, person with epilepsy, diabetes, depression, etc. One has to be positive, not negative when using words or languages or avoid phrases like 'suffers from' which suggest discomfort, constant pain and a sense of hopelessness. wheelchairs users may not view themselves as 'confined to' a wheelchair, try thinking of it as a 'mobility aid' instead.

The right word to use when addressing people with all disabilities is 'persons with disabilities' or 'persons living with disabilities', the short word for it is 'PWDs'. if anyone uses the word 'physically challenged' as they are fond of, they should know that they are only referring to those wheelchairs users and it excludes Deaf, Blind, etc.

What do you think?

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