Friday, March 13, 2015

The Media should learn not to label Deaf people as "Deaf and DUMB"

We can see that a newspaper named “The SUN - Voice of the Nation” used the words "deaf & DUMP", that's very disturbing, this kind of ignorance has been manifesting from the Media for a long time and yet they call themselves editors and or journalists. Actually the correct word is "dumb" which was later used as "mute" but now generally, it is not acceptable. Instead of just mentioning"Deaf couple" or "hearing impaired couple". The Media have been using wrong words for Deaf people. The status of our society Nigeria today is that they have wrong perceptive about Deaf people.

But they don't know that we have a Deaf person who is a Governor in Nasawara State, we also have a Deaf person who is turbaned in Zamfara State, we have numbers of deaf people who are commissioners, special advisers, permanent secretary, lecturers, etc in Zamfara, Jos, Yola State, etc. We also have Deaf people who are Medical Doctors, Doctorate Holders, Barristers, Engineers, etc. It is high time we call on all Media, politicians, etc to use the right words for Deaf people and Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) generally and we would find time to educate the society on how to address Deaf people soon.

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