Tuesday, December 3, 2019


I recall I used to hear various complaints several times over the discrimination against persons with disabilities (PwD), and they called for the president to pass the disability bill into law for years before I joined their struggle. The struggle continued till 2018 last year, President Buhari in person finally passed the bill into law.

President Buhari must be wise for doing such, you will know why I said that if you read one of my blogs: Is President Buhari becoming Deaf? I witnessed the celebration and rejoice from the communities of PwD in Nigeria. I also joined them by congratulating the president because many past presidents failed to take courage to do such for us.

The law is there, but we will still face discrimination because they don't have the body called "the commission" to implement the law for us. There is no commission to regulate the new public building to ensure they create accessibility for the physically challenged, there is no commission to ensure Nigerian Communication Commission provides communication accessible for Deaf and also for other related disabilities.

As we rejoice over the law, let us not relax yet. Let us keep struggling as we did before and let us keep asking our people to join our voice. We want a set up of disability commission at the federal level to implement the law.

Mr. President, we believe you can do it if you can pass the bill into law, we are 100% sure you can order for the establishment of the disability commission, do it for us. Thank you. CTO

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