Tuesday, May 24, 2016


I was surprised when I read the news from Sahara Reports that President  Buhari cancelled his two-day official trip to Lagos over an Ear Infection and that is why I decided to write this article this morning. 

The news reminded me of the Late President Yar Adu, he was unable to talk or walk before he died, some people labeled him as “Deaf and mute”. And we are aware that our former President IBB cannot walk again, he is on the wheelchair.

A lot of things are happening to people in this world. They become different people, they didn’t choose to be Deaf or physically challenged, but it happened to them by force and accidently. Let me be specific about the Deaf people. Some of them were born deaf, some were born hearing but something happened to them through misuse of injection, sickness, accident, etc, it could be from childhood, teenage years, adolescent or even as adults, but in all these, one of the major causes is ear infection and now our President Buhari has an ear infection. Let’s pray for our president to get well since ear infection is treatable and curable.

The bottom line is Disability doesn’t start or end somewhere, it could happen to anyone at anytime. It is why we should treat people equally and it would be good if we follow one of the golden rules that says “Treat others as you would want to be treated”.  

With a lot of discriminations against persons with disabilities, then Nigerian Disability Bills needs to be assented to protect all the people with disabilities because Nigerian citizens get into the category of disabilities daily through accidents, sickness, bomb explodes (Boko haram is an example) and many more.

We wouldn’t rest till Nigerian Disability Bill has been passed into the law. I have a dream that we would get there.

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