Wednesday, December 12, 2018


Its unbelievable that in 21th century Deaf or Hard of hearing people can't join the military, though they have their reasons for that because, with amount of hearing loss, one could die during the battle or raiding because they couldn't hear and that is understandable but when we go back to World War One, we will see that Deaf people actually joined the military indirectly by fighting for the country.

It was one of the deadliest wars that claimed millions of lives including Deaf people because a lot of them died when they walked on the roads or close to the military checkpoints because they couldn't hear the call or warning, so they were shot and killed in Europe that led the Deaf people to gather to work together, they built tools, fuses, etc. for war stuff, some even made bombs, guns, etc. to aid the war, it showed clearly that they want to serve for the country by joining military officially, but unfortunately they are still barred.

Doesn't military think that its better to allow Deaf people who are interested to join, at least they can do something else like making bombs, guns, etc. as it doesn't require hearing at all and after all they will fight for our country, its better than waiting till battle comes around and Deaf people with no experiences be pushed to join at the last minute.



  1. Everyone is important and all has something to bring to the table.
    That is why we clamour for inclusion.
    Leave no one behind!
    Besides, not all military people go to war!
    Some stay back at d military hospital taking care of the sick and some in d kitchen, cooking food to be taking to d battle field.
    Yes, Deafies can be at armoury, keeping the riffles!

    Good job Cheetah.

    Phunmy Concepts.

  2. Many people are born deaf. Others become deaf at a very young age, due to measles, meningitis or other illnesses. They grow up with their own language, customs, culture and pride. It is these people this article refers to, not those that lose their hearing some time after audiologist near me