Thursday, November 22, 2018


Thanksgiving means the expression of gratitude, especially to God, in other words, Thanksgiving means giving thanks for everything you have or everything you appreciate. Most people give thanks for staying alive.

Many a time, we are always busily forgetting to appreciate or thank God or people for everything, so it is an excellent time to pause, think about everything and give thanks to everyone for everything they have done and also giving thanks to God if you are a believer.

Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday in America, and it usually happens on the day of 22 in November. If we look back at the year of 1863, we will get to where President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed official Thanksgiving holiday to express gratitude for a crucial Union Army victory at Gettysburg, and the nation will celebrate an official Thanksgiving holiday every November.

All thanks to President Abraham Lincoln for making it happen, he taught us always to give thanks. He will forever be remembered. Don't forget to take your time to give thanks for everything and also to God. 


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