Wednesday, November 18, 2015


It is sad that ISIS is now trying to recruit Deaf Community. ISIS is one of the deadliest terrorist groups in the world and they have killed a lot of people around the world. Recently ISIS was behind attacks and shooting in Paris which left about 153 people died in Paris.

After I read about terrorism by Akintunde Adeyemo, I can say that we have stupid terrorists and rational terrorists. They are strange, unhinged, narcissistic and selfish people, they are not capable of adding values to humanity but destroying the spirit of humanity. The stupid ones volunteer to die young, they are dispensable terrorists while rational terrorists are the decision makers, well educated and smart people, and they enjoy watching the dying citizens in the countries.

Because there are a lot of on-going discrimination against deaf people in the countries that has left them in a state of frustration, desperation and discouragement etc and that is easier for them to go into wrong paths. ISIS is now taking advantage of the situation by offering them better places to join and now ISIS is recruiting deaf people as we can see in the video (CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO) that ISIS terrorists are using sign language (its unconfirmed whether they are deaf or they are hearing that know sign language).

As we know that in Nigeria, we have Boko Haram terrorist group, last year, it was evident in the news that the Army caught a Boko Haram Terrorist who was deaf carrying different kind of bombs and guns, though he did not know Sign language but he was using local sign language.

ALERT: we should do something about it, we should not wait for such to happen in Nigeria which would cause Boko Haram group to recruit deaf community, the Federal Government should look into it and do something about it by offering something better for dispensable deaf people to prevent them from falling into wrong path.  

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