Saturday, June 2, 2018


That question: "ARE YOU DEAF?" it could be awkward to some people and also not awkward to some people. I recall sometimes ago, when I was trying to communicate with a hearing person and along the line, I was lost because I couldn't read his lips as he was speaking fast I just said hey sorry I am Deaf, he laughed and said that he is blind too, and I was like hmmm ok, but I am serious I am Deaf, he blasted me.

Another story was that on Facebook, an interpreter named Ubong was checking and looking at a person's profile to see if he knows or had met him before, both had more than 20 mutual friends, so an interpreter was messaging him politely if he is Deaf or an interpreter because he has so many Deaf friends and interpreters too, the person blasted him, to the point of cursing him and also cursing at his family bla bla bla...

Well what I am trying to say is that Nigerians need awareness about Deaf generally, sometimes ago, I blogged that the word; "Deaf" is not a dirty word, for more information, check it out:

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