Saturday, December 23, 2017


When i was growing up, i learnt to accept my flaws (my deafness) and it helped alot because i met alot of people in my life who have always tried to use my flaws to discourage me or stop me from doing what i want in life but guess what, it didn't work a bit. Like they said "once you accept your flaws, nobody can use your flaws to against you".

Accepting your deafness is the first step before anything like going for Cochlear implant or whatever so that when it fails, it wont affect you as i have many cases where Cochlear implants worked for some Deaf people and failed some so its 50/50. 

Audiologists say that no matter how Deaf you are, you will hear when a sound is loud but when one go for cochlear implant surgery, they will have to remove all the ear organs and replace it with cochlear implant and if it fails, the person wont be able to hear anything again even if the sound is very very loud, its called STONE DEAF so make a decision and risk it by yourself in good or bad faith.

Personally, i don't want cochlear implant and its my decision. I am not going to determine that cochlear implant is good or bad and i am not going to debate on it whether its right or wrong. I just want to say that ONCE YOU BECOME DEAF, YOU WILL ALWAYS BE DEAF. 

To the parents of the Deaf child/children, please do not impose cochlear implant on them, wait for them to be 18 years old to make a decision because i have a case where many Deaf people with cochlear implant regretted having such implant as they didn't gain anything from it, some wished they don't use such for reasons best known to them, let them make a choice when they are mature enough.

The best option is to provide for them hearing aids to practice with the sound difference and voice along with speech therapy, they will be able to speak fluently and when they make a decision to go for a cochlear implant, it will be smooth for them if it actually works.

Cochlear implant may be a techno-logic miracle, even those that use cochlear implant they might hear clearly during the day and night but at the end of the day one will take off external device and one wont hear a thing and there is no way for one not to remove the device at all so the fact remains that ONCE YOU BECOME DEAF, YOU WILL ALWAYS BE DEAF.



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