Sunday, September 17, 2017

In Response to "The Classification of IPOB as a Terrorist Organization: The Buhari Administration and Military Correctly Classified IPOB as a Terrorist Organization, Legally Speaking—a Primer on Terrorism"

After reading the article, i have to come up with an article in response to the above article because there is no single definition of what terrorism means, so it's possible for someone to disagree with your definition of terrorism. 

When I look at the history, in all, those that were labeled as terrorist organizations are often found to be committing violence against CIVILIANS. For instance, they were very right to label anti-abortion extremists as terrorists because they committed violences against CIVILIANS or groups as in destruction of property, kidnapping, killing, attempted murder, etc. 

Even if you try to say it's nationalist terrorism, it means those that seeks to form SELF-DETERMINATION and they intend to consider themselves as freedom fighters and they engage into VIOLENCE against immigration (CIVILIANS). 

We know IPOB wants to break away from Nigeria and they have been calling for referendum, they are considered as freedom fighters and they are just agitating for their rights, these are the people who are generally marginalised in a way so there has to be justice and fair play thats why they are calling for RESTRUCTURING, other groups like Oduduwa Republic and Niger Delta are equally asking for restructuring, there needs to be a roundtable conference, just as former President Obsanjo and Jonathan advised. IPOB have not engaged into VIOLENCE against CIVILIANS even Nationalist/separatist terrorism can't describe IPOB as one in any form. 

And from my point of view, it's too early to label IPOB as terrorism by Nigerian Government after they have sent Nigerian Army to kill so many UNARMED members of IPOB as evidence in several videos on the social media, this is a way of covering up their crimes against the Nigerian Constitution. 

The members of IPOB and Nigerians in general have a right to resist or reject Nigerian Government from labeling IPOB as terrorism, just as Nigerians protested against America from adding and labeling Nigeria as one of the terror countries along with Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Pakistan, etc, in the past after its protest, Nigeria was removed from the lists.

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