Monday, December 26, 2016

A heartwarming message from Cheeta to the devastated Syrian children

Photograph: @islamgawish/Twitter
At first i didn’t understand when i read in the news that Syria was being bombed, it was until i decided to read news about Syria where It is estimated that about 11 million people have been displaced in the conflict and i got
to see how Syrian children are being victims, suffering from bombs, lost friends, siblings, parents and home, and how the number of persons with disabilities are increasing alarmingly.

It has inspired me to start foundations to heal the world and also to fund the education for less privileged children in the nearest future. I am so sad that i cannot do anything for you at the moment but i want to tell you that your future is very bright and you are survivors. I am with you, we, the Deaf community both local and international are with you and the world in general is with you. We care for you and we love you so much.

You all (Syrian Children) are my brothers and sisters!

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