Friday, March 18, 2016

WHICH TATTOO IS MORE SUITABLE: speaker with a tiny x or muted microphone

Last week, I was surfing the internet as usual and I came across this news, a lady named Elisa Menzel shared a picture of her tattoo behind her left ear to let people know that she is Deaf in that ear, while the man shared a picture of his tattoo too, letting people know that he is Deaf.

The difference between their tattoos was that the lady used a tattoo of a speaker with a tiny X while the man went for a microphone option that’s the muted microphone. The lady said since 'Since I'm Deaf in one ear its a friendly (way) to tell the world not to talk to me from the left ear’.

These two pictures have sparked an online debate about which representation is more accurate. After seeing the pictures of the tattoo, I am thinking of getting a tattoo for myself, which one is more suitable for me to pick? “SPEAKER WITH A TINY X” or “MUTED MICROPHONE” tattoo? 



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  2. I like the muted microphone is simple and attractive, I have a skull tattoo behind my ear and I got it from Tattoo Design Inc. I personally suggest you do get a muted microphone tattoo!

    1. Thank you for the suggestion. I will do mine in the future.

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