Friday, March 27, 2015

A Message to Nigerians on Peaceful Elections, 2015

Even after the postponement of the Nigerian general elections which was originally scheduled for February 14th, 2015 to March 28th, 2015 and It is now a day to election, which is the weekend we have been waiting for because we would have the opportunity to choose the leader we want. Please let us not take this opportunity lightly because how we use it could affect everything and everyone after. We expect everyone to vote on Saturday which is tomorrow and our voting guide is very simple.
If you love the way things are at the moment then vote TRANSFORMATION, but if you feel something is wrong with the nation then vote CHANGE but you can also try other political party. 

No matter what is being reported in the news, I believe that peace will reign in our land. I also believe we will have a better government, better leaders and a better nation. It may not be easy, it may cost us a lot but eventually, it will happen.

Finally, please say no to VIOLENCE on elections. In spite of over 250 languages we have in Nigeria, we are still ONE. I urge all Nigerians, from all religions, all ethnic groups in all regions to come together and keep Nigeria one. Wishing everyone GOODLUCK on elections.

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